Instant Pot Sausage Gravy Recipe

Instant Pot Sausage Gravy – a classic breakfast meal made even easier with the Instant Pot.

When I first got my Instant Pot 6 quart Duo I knew that I would use it to make recipes that typically took a long time to cook.

sausage gravy over biscuits
A plate of Instant Pot Sausage Gravy over biscuits.

It can make Pulled Pork, Black Beans and Chicken Bone Broth in a fraction of the time that it does using traditional methods.

But I never imagined making something so simple as Sausage Gravy in my Instant Pot.

But that was until I gave it a try!

Why Make Instant Pot Sausage Gravy?

It actually all happened by accident.

It was teacher appreciation week and I volunteered to bring a dish to a breakfast event before school.

Sausage in Instant Pot
You can use whatever sausage that you prefer in this recipe.

I thought about bringing a breakfast casserole, but I knew there was going to be several trays of scrambled eggs there.

So then I thought about bringing a large tray of bacon. However, someone already signed up for that as well.

Cinnamon rolls and donuts were also taken.

I was struggling with what to bring and that is when I saw a billboard that displayed a plate of sausage gravy and biscuits.

BINGO! I had my inspiration for the breakfast.

Scrap the bottom
Be sure to scrap the bottom of the pot while you cook the sausage.

But there was one little problem….how was I going to be able to serve warm gravy.

I first thought about using my slow cooker, but since it was a morning breakfast, it would take too long it to heat up.

So that is when I decided that the Instant Pot was perfect for sausage gravy!

I could cook it right at school and it would stay warm until everyone had a chance to fill their plates.

Plus, I didn’t have to stand over a hot stove stirring it to make sure it didn’t stick to the bottom of the pan!

browned sausage in instant pot
Once the sausage is cooked, add the stock and scrap the bottom clean.

How To Make Sausage Gravy In The Instant Pot

The first task when making sausage gravy in the Instant Pot is to brown the sausage.

You can use whatever type of sausage that you prefer. If I am making this recipe at home for my immediate family, I use the hot and spicy ground sausage.

However, if I am making it for a crowd, I use standard breakfast sausage.

And for those that can’t or don’t eat pork sausage, you can substitute turkey sausage as well.

No matter what type of sausage that you use be sure to add the sausage once the display reads HOT in the Saute mode.

After pushing the Saute button, wait until the display reads Hot before adding the butter.

Cook the sausage, breaking it into small pieces and scraping the bottom of the pot to remove any stuck pieces.

The most important part of this recipe is to make sure that the bottom of the pot does not have any browned bits stuck to the surface.

Once you add the chicken stock, you can easily scrap the bottom clean with a wooden spatula.

All that is left to do is to add the remaining ingredients and cook!

Low Pressure

After reading about milk products curdling when cooked in the Instant Pot, I was terrified that sausage gravy may do the same.

low pressure
On the Instant Pot Duo models, press the PRESSURE button to change to low pressure.

So I decided that it was a better option to use Low Pressure for this recipe.

On the Instant Pot Duo models, simply push the PRESSURE button and it will switch from HIGH to LOW.

And as for cook time, 2 minutes seems to be perfect. It is just enough time to heat up the gravy without the cream curdling.

Thicken The Sausage Gravy

Once the cook time expires, carefully quick release the pressure.

The gravy will be extremely hot and it will look a little thin. Don’t Panic!

instant pot sausage gravy
The gravy is thick enough when it sticks to a spoon.

Just stir it and let it sit with the lid off. It will thicken as it stands.

However, if you want to serve it right away, stir in a little arrowroot powder. It will thicken immediately and it will be ready to eat!

Check out the printable recipe below and let me know what you think!

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Instant Pot Sausage Gravy

Thick and delicious sausage gravy made in the Instant Pot and served over biscuits for a classic breakfast meal.


  • 2 tbsp butter
  • 1 lb ground sausage
  • 2 cups chicken broth
  • 1/2 tsp ground pepper
  • 1/4 tsp crushed red pepper flakes
  • 3/4 tsp seasoning salt
  • 1/4 cup flour
  • 1 cup heavy cream


  • Set Instant Pot to Saute’ and wait until the display reads HOT.
  • Add the butter and when it melts add the sausage. Brown until no longer pink, breaking up the sausage and scraping the bottom of the pot as it cooks.
  • Push Cancel to turn off Instant Pot.
  • Add the 2 cups of broth and scrap any browned bits off the bottom of the pot.
  • Stir in the pepper, crushed red pepper, seasoning salt and flour.
  • Add Heavy Cream and stir until incorporated.
  • Lock lid and place valve in sealed position. Pressure Cook/Manual on LOW Pressure for 2 minutes and when cook time is up Quick Release Pressure.
  • Stir and serve over biscuits.


The sausage gravy will thicken as it stands and cools. If you want to thicken it even more, add 1 tablespoon arrowroot powder, stir and serve.
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Instant Pot Sausage Gravy Recipe
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